We certainly had some crazy weather days in December: school closures, late openings, even an “internet down” day. We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and is ready to begin a great new year! Hopefully, there will be a safe return to school for those children going face to face. All schools will be closed on January 18th, which will be Pajama Day for us! Hanover schools will close early on the 27th and 28th. Hanover and Henrico schools will be closed on the 29th. Everyone here certainly enjoyed the Winter Break. We kept the children busy playing games, making gingerbread houses, ice cream cone Christmas trees and decorating cookies. We got to watch some movies in our PJs and had a Christmas party. The second week of their break they were able to bring in their Christmas toys to play with and show their friends. We are looking forward to the new year. Please let us know your plans for second semester as soon as possible so we can try to accommodate staffing and transportation needs.