As the school year has abruptly come to an unexpected end, our plans for the future are still being formed.  It is a day to day, week to week process. At this time, we cannot go on trips or have outside vendors come into the center for activities.  As the school systems decide how education will continue, we will do our best to incorporate these academic lessons into our program.   We have already been working with those children who have brought in their Learn from Home packets.  We will continue to dedicate time with a teacher to work on these and any other activities the school system sends out. However, you need to print out the packages and send in the lessons you want your child to work on.  Children will not have internet access so they must have paper copies already available.  We will also have dedicated reading time for all school-age children.  If they are unable to read, they will be read to aloud. We have also downloaded educational games for different grade levels onto the tablets so they are able to practice skills throughout the day.  We will do whatever we can to keep your children learning!  We will also be making crafts, playing active games, and learning how to distance ourselves from others, thus working on independence.  In March, we spent time making insect masks, foam canoes, beach balls, pinwheels, flowers, and butterflies.  We are doing our best to learn and have fun in these uncertain times.  Our Easter egg hunt is scheduled for April 10th.  Please let us know if your child will not be here on any given day. With the new group size requirements, 1 or 2 children make a HUGE difference. Stay healthy and Happy Easter!