Well, it was definitely an exciting month full of snow and ice!  Everyone enjoyed the days out of school, both the scheduled days off and the surprise ones.  We enjoyed having a pajama party on Pajama Day.  We ate party foods, watched a movie and relaxed in our P.J.s.  We also enjoyed our Valentine’s celebration even though we had to postpone it due to the weather. Virtual learners, please remember to sign up if you want your picture taken with the bunny on March 4th.  We are looking forward to another Pajama Day on March 5th, which is also a “Flexible Learning Day” for Hanover students.  We will be including time in the day to complete any assignments that need to be completed that day.  Face-to-face students who are present that day will need to bring their assignments with them for us to make sure everything is completed.  If they do not bring paper assignments, you will need to make sure work is completed at home. (Face-to-face students will be charged an extra $20 for attendance on that day.)   Hanover schools will also close early on March 16th ($12 extra for face-to-face students).  Henrico Schools will close early on March 12th.  Have a wonderful month and watch out for leprechauns!