Following are current weekly rates for full and part time care in the various age groups:


(4 wks.-16 mos)
Full Time: $225.00 Week
Part Time: $58.00 Day


(16 mos.-2 1/2 yrs.)
Full Time: $218.00 Week
Part Time: $56.00 Day


(Who are under 3 yrs.)
Full Time: $190.00 Week
Part Time:  $50.00 Day


(3 – 5 yrs. potty-trained)
Full Time: $180.00 Week
Part Time: $47.00 Day

After School Care

For Elementary School
Full Time $115.00 Week
Part Time $28.00 Day

Please call for other rates that may be offered.

Such as drop-ins, multiple child discounts, etc. 

Rates effective 9/22/20 for new enrollment and are subject to change.

What Parents are saying about Pooh Corner…

“I have 2 children, currently ages 6 and 3. Both were enrolled in Pooh Corner from the time they were infants. I couldn’t imagine having them anywhere else. Even as infants, I was never worried about leaving them because I knew they were well cared for. As they have grown through the years, not only have they learned a lot (my 6 year old was more than prepared for Kindergarten!) but they have always been loved there as well. The teachers and staff are ALL wonderful, caring and nurturing. Pooh Corner is their second home!” – C. Palmgren

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