Wow! This has been a super fast school year! As we leave the school year behind and enter the summer, we have a lot of changes ahead of us. We will begin the month of June with the Medarva Screening on the 3rd. Children should already be registered for this. Screening will take place starting at 9:30 so please arrive by then if your child is participating. The Tabby Cats will have Graduate pictures taken on June 4th. We will also have class pictures taken on this day. The Tabby Cats will have the last Graduation practice on the 4th also. Graduation is June 7th at 7:00pm. Please have your Graduate here by 6:50. They are ready! We have several changes in our extra-curricular activity schedule this month. Computer will continue on Fridays. We will have music on Mondays, the 3rd and the 17th, and on Tuesdays, the 11th and the 25th. We will not have music the month of July at all. The Stretch-n-grow summer session will begin on Monday, June 24th and last for eight weeks, continuing on Mondays. You will be charged $60 for these 8 weeks. Please let us know if you want to change activities due to these changes in the schedule. The Ice Cream truck will begin coming on the 19th ($2.50 per week). Water play will also begin on the19th. You will receive a permission slip with details about water play as the date approaches. Share day continues on Fridays. Progress Reports will be sent home on June 13th. Please make sure you have returned your child’s report so that it can be completed again. You may keep them after the 13th! The themes for June are: Graduation, summer changes, Flag Day, Father’s Day, body parts, exercise and sports, and the importance of breakfast. The character of the month is Franklin. Welcome summer and Happy Father’s Day!