We had a lot of fun in March. We started the month off by celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and birds. We put the letters in our name on strips of red and white paper to make a “Cat in the Hat” hat. We made a pipe cleaner bird feeder with Cheerios on it. Our second week we talked about kites, wind, rain, rainbows and the letter “R”. We made a cloud collage with finger paint. We spelled out our names using strips of different colors to make a rainbow. We talked about wind and how it moves our kites around in the air. Our third week we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and learned about Spring and the letter “S”. We made handprint suns and finger painted stars for our starry night. We made shamrocks for the letter “S”. We used our fingers to make a blossom tree for Spring. The fourth week we explored the changes in weather and nature. We made our own clouds with shaving cream. We explored rain while it was raining, and made handprint suns. Our last week we talked about coins, money and the letter “T”. We made tracks, a tiger and talked about triangles for the letter “T”. We made a piggy bank for our coins. We are ready for all the adventures April will bring. We will be having an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday, April 9th. (Rain date: 10th) It will be a hopping good time.