We would like to welcome Annaleigh Bartlett and Emma Hayden to the Infant class. We look forward to getting to know them and their families.


May flowers bloomed and renewed our hearts as all traces of winter have melted away! We learned about seeds and plants and how they grow. We observed trees, how acorns start so small and become great big trees. We looked at tree bark and leaves to see how the trees get sun. The children loved printing the leaves to see the veins. We also experimented with how plants drink water and turned a flower fun colors with food coloring. We wrapped up our nature unit to head down to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo! We listened to the traditional music of Mexico’s Independence and danced along! Next, we went to Old McDonald’s Farm and learned about baby animals. We looked at how we were once little babies too and learned how we grow. We took our measurements and compared them to our nursery pals. We got moving along with planes, trains and automobiles. We learned how they carry us to summer fun and adventures. Finally, we wrapped up by honoring our Veterans on Memorial Day. We are looking forward to fun in the sun with the month of June.

The Terrific Toddlers