William is starting to coo and make noises. He has started to do tummy time.

Wise is learning to crawl. He gets excited when the teachers sing songs.

Waylon has found his hands. He enjoys sitting up in the bumbo.

Easton is starting to sit up in the bumbo and exersaucer! He is starting to get used to tummy time.

Torien has started to hold his own bottles. He loves to sit in the exersaucer and watch his friends play.

Sydney is trying to stand on her own. She has started drinking from a cup.

Lucas is saying “DaDa”. He enjoys building with blocks.

Kori is saying “Momma” and “Hi”. She likes visiting the toddlers!

PLEASE be sure to update the Registration form and Emergency Medical Authorization form for 2021.



The month of December and this year went by super fast. December was filled with so many fun things. We also welcomed our new friend, Kinsley, to the Toddler class. We started the month off with the letter “J” and Transportation. We talked about the letter “J” and words that start with the “J”. We did 2 “J” activities – one was a jelly bean art project and we played with jingle bells. For our transportation activities, we made a popsicle stick airplane and played with muddy trucks. Our muddy truck activity was really fun. We used ziplock bags filled with brown paint and run the trucks over them for a mess-free activity. The next week we worked on the letter “K”, Road Signs and Hanukkah. For the letter “K”, we learned about kings and made a handprint kite. Next, we learned about our 5 senses. We made scratch-n-sniff names out of cinnamon and glue. We used our eyes to look for animals and tasted tested some yummy cookies with icing. We talked about Kwanzaa, holiday treats and had our Christmas party the next week. We had a stuffed animal exchange and had pajama day on the 23rd. The last week we talked about the letter “L” and New Years. We made yummy lollipops and noisemakers for the New Year! We can’t wait to see what January and the new year has in store for us.