We would like to welcome Dean and Torien to the Infant class.

Dean is a very happy baby. He loves tummy time and playing in the exersaucer.

Torien is a joy to have in the Infant room. He is adjusting very well. He loves to look out the window while he swings.

Chesney loves visiting the toddler side. She likes going outside with them.

Elias likes doing artwork with the toddlers. He likes playing with balls in the gym.

Theo is officially walking! He likes pushing around toy cars and trucks.

Parker likes playing with musical toys. She sings herself to sleep in her crib. She likes watching the older kids play outside.

Kori is now walking! She loves exploring the infant room. She gets excited to watch the older kids play outside.

Sydney is starting to sit up with little assistance. She has started to fall asleep on her own in her crib.

Wise is starting to eat baby food. He has started to notice his hands and feet.



The month of August has come to an end. We had so much fun this month and had some yummy ice cream each Wednesday. We started the month off with farm animals We made a sheep, a muddy pig, and learned how to milk a cow. In the second week, we talked about the rainforest and the zoo. We found out which animals live in the rainforest and which animals live in the zoo. We made a panda and painted a lion. In the third week, we talked about teddy bears. We read the book Brown, Brown Bear, What Did You See. We went on a bear hunt with our friends in the gym. We were not scared, we made friends with the bears. Our last week we talked about pets. We made cat whiskers out of pipe cleaners. We turned our fish into a handprint rainbow fish. We colored and named our pet dog. We also had some fun pretending to be princes and princesses. Next month will be just as exciting and I can’t wait to see what’s in store to kick off our new school year with some awesome kids!

Have a great Labor Day holiday!

Reminder: We need to have updated physical and immunizations information each time your child goes for a well-baby visit. You can grab a form from the office shelf or from the classroom.