We would like to welcome Willie Simmers to the Infant Room. He loves watching the mobile and smiling at the teachers.

Sydney has started saying “thank you”, “bye”, “hi” and “snack”. She loves sharing her toys with her friends and doing art.

Torien has started eating Pooh Corner food. He has started using toddler utensils.

Easton has started to wave to the teachers. He is learning how to drink from a sippy cup.

Waylon is sitting up on his own. He is starting to learn how to crawl.

William has started sitting up with little assistance. He gets excited when the teachers sing and clap.

Graham has started eating baby food. He is starting to sit up with little assistance.

Malia is adjusting very well. She enjoys being in the swing watching her friends play.

Please check the charts daily for notes and comments from the teachers. We need to have an updated physical form filled out by the doctor at EACH well-baby visit. We keep these forms on the shelf at the office window or you can just ask the infant teachers for one.

Happy Mother’s Day!!



The month of April was filled with some pretty fun things! The first 2 days of April we did things to celebrate Easter. We decorated bags to put our eggs in from the Easter egg hunt. We read an Easter book called Chick’s Easter Egg and colored an Easter picture. The next week was filled with the letter “U” and insects. We made a handprint umbrella and an urchin for the letter “U”. We also painted a butterfly using the color purple, made some fingerprint ants using black paint and our fingertips, and talked about animals that lived under the sea. The next week was filled with snails, worms, and the letter “V”. This week we made a colorful garden using long brown paper and crayons to make different vegetables in our garden. We colored a picture of a snail and talked about how slow they crawl. We did a lacing activity, played with some squishy worms (pipe cleaners), and made handprint flowers in our vase. Next, we talked about birds and Earth Day. We made a bird’s nest out of brown strips of paper, glued them onto blue paper, and put our handprint birds in the nest. We’ve been talking about birds a lot because there is a bird’s nest outside our window on top of the light. The children loved watching the little birds grow up. They have all left the nest now but they still come back to the nest at times. Our last week we talked about how ‘W’ is for Weather, Water, and Watermelon. We made a tree for Arbor Day and talked about things we can do for our trees. May is here and so is warmer weather. Please send in an extra set of clothes for the warmer weather.