We would like to welcome Madison Massenburg to the Infant Class. She is adjusting nicely. We look forward to getting to know her and her family.


Yah! It’s summer! As we welcomed the fun in the sun of June, we broke out the shades, grabbed our beach balls, swim suits and took an imaginary get away to the beach. Our class fashioned their designer gear and crafted 30 sand castles in front of rolling ocean waves. We rolled out the beach blanket, laid back and looked at the clouds and sunshine and talked about the weather, including summer storms with thunder and lightning. When the clouds rolled in, we packed up and made loving cards for dear ole Dad. We talked about families of all types and sizes and learned the A.S.L. hand gesture for family. We did some moving and grooving learning about exercise and how much fun it is to get up and play. We looked at America’s favorite past time and cheered “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. After enjoying Cracker Jacks, the children learned about our teeth and the importance of keeping them clean. We wrapped up June on the road to Good Health as we learned the Food Groups and made the “My Plate” diagram of healthy eating. Starting with the most important meal of the day – Breakfast! We created pancakes, fried some eggs and made our bodies and bones strong with calcium. We said “Yum” to many ways to enjoy milk and dairy alternatives. We ended on a sweet note with Pooh’s favorite treat, honey! We explored where honey comes from – bees, and how important they are to all life. The ice cream truck added to our excitement and we are looking forward to even more fun adventures coming in July!