We would like to welcome Wise Dixon to the Infant class. He is a joy to have in the class; very alert and making lots of cooing sounds.

Parker is officially walking! She has started to eat Pooh Corner food. She has started to drink from a sippy cup.

Alice loves visiting the toddler side. She loves playing with the dolls. She has a very good imagination.

Theo is starting to take steps while holding onto the teachers’ hands.

Elias loves to clap along when the teachers sing songs. He is saying words like “cookie” and “dog.” He just started waving bye.

Kori is pulling up and starting to take steps while holding onto the teachers’ hands. She is learning how to use toddler utensils.

Emma loves blowing kisses and saying, “I love you.” She loves building with blocks.



We had a blast in June! It was filled with some fun and exciting things. Our month started off with exercise and sports. We had balloon tennis and balloon Olympics followed by making some gold medals for everyone. Our coffee filter basketball was fun to make. The second week we used our body parts. We did some rainbow walking, body coloring and sensory fun. On the 12th we celebrated our graduates, the Tabby Cats. We are so proud of them. The third week we had fun making our gifts for our Dads. We hope the Dads and Grandpas had a wonderful Father’s Day. Our fourth week we enjoyed all the summer changes and everything that came with it. We enjoyed our sweet and yummy ice cream treats. We made happy clouds out of glue and shaving cream to make them fluffy and painted our sky blue. Our last week in June we talked about the importance of breakfast, breakfast foods and eating healthy. We made a yummy pretend breakfast filled with waffles with blueberries or strawberries, eggs, sausage links, bacon and some orange juice to go with it. It was so good; everyone loved it. We can’t wait to jump into July and see what adventures we can go on. Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!