We would like to welcome Parker Hicks to the infant class. She is very alert and smiles a lot. She loves visits from her big brother, Easton.


The beauty of Fall is in full swing! October flew out with the bats and our nocturnal animals. We got to see and hear fire trucks as we celebrated Pooh Bear turning 98. We decorated our bat caves and the classroom for the fun festivities of Halloween. We had so much fun haunting halls of the day care. We settled down with our treats and caramel apples and talked about all things fall. We talked about the leaves that are falling and the wind that is blowing them to the ground and the chilly weather to come. We then washed up and learned all about safety with dry leaves and fire. We worked on our listening skills and our motor skills as we practiced “Stop, Drop and Roll”. We talked about the importance of holding hands and listening to our teachers. We wrapped up by brushing our teeth very well and we are ready to sail into November. I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp weather and I cannot wait to see what your creative children make in the upcoming month.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

REMINDERS: Please be sure that we have a weather appropriate change of clothes here for your child.

HOLIDAY PLANS: We will be posting a sign up sheet to get a count of children attending the day before and/or the day after Thanksgiving. This will help us with lunch count and staffing purposes.