We have several new children to introduce who started in February. Lyla Dowell was new to the Bumble Bee class. Jameson Dowell and Michael Pontier-Creson were new to the School Age program.  We would like to welcome these children and their families to Pooh Corner Center.

Lucas C. loves building with blocks. He loves to visit the toddler class.

Lucas M. is adjusting very well. He has started talking more.

Sydney is officially walking! She loves to look out the window and watch the big kids playing outside.

Torien is starting to babble. He is officially crawling and he loves to explore the infant room.

Easton is sitting up on his own. He is trying to roll over.

Waylon loves to be in the exersaucer watching the other kids play. He is cooing a lot more.

William is starting to make cooing sounds. He is starting to take longer naps in his crib.

Graham is doing more tummy time. He has also found his hands and feet now.



February was a very big month for us. We had 3 birthdays to celebrate, a special Valentines Day party and it was Dental Health month. We started the month off with the dental health theme, Groundhog Day and shadows. We colored a clean tooth and a cavity filled tooth. Our second week we explored outer space, but we came back in time to make our Valentine Day gifts for our families. We also had a Valentine party and card exchange with our friends. The third week we celebrated Presidents’ Day and Mardi Gras and talked about the letter “P”. We played with play dough, colored a yummy pancake and painted with poms poms.  Our last week we learned about the letter “Q” and clocks and watches. We used Q-tips to paint a picture and “made” quilts. We also added in quacking like ducks for the letter “Q”. We colored our watches and clocks. March is here and we are excited to see what it brings! If you would like to send in Dr. Seuss books the first week of March, we would love to have them to read to the children. Please be sure to label them so we can give them back to the right family. We will be introducing the letters R, S and T as well learning about St. Patrick’s Day and money. We are looking forward to warmer weather and being able to spend more time outside. Come on SPRING!!