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  • HOLIDAY – Pooh Corner will be closed on Monday, September 7th for Labor Day. Have a fun and safe holiday!
  • NEW CHILDREN – We have two new children to introduce who joined us in August. Dean Gill and Torien Jones are both new in the Infant class. We would like to welcome them and their families to Pooh Corner Center.
  • ICE CREAM TRUCK – We are super excited that the Ice Cream Truck will continue to come on Wednesdays, around 3:30, throughout the month of September! Since our normal summer activities could not occur, we are trying to stretch out the one that can! Please continue to bring in $2.50 each week, or check with Mrs. Darlene to see how much money you may have left from the summer. We should have 5 visits left from the truck in September! Yum, yum!
  • SCHOOL AGE REPORT – Our last month of summer vacation has seen a lot of hot and rainy afternoons, so we’ve been hitting the gym for indoor games like Four Corners, Tornado Ball, and Jump the River. Camp Fit on Tuesdays has also taught us some fun new games to play. We’ve done an assortment of crafts and watched several movies, but the highlight of the month was our tie-dye party! Everyone did a great job, and the shirts look amazing!

    As the new school year begins, we will ALL be learning A LOT of new things! We are striving to do our best to help your child succeed as a virtual learner. Please bear with us as we work through the kinks, glitches, and confusion that may come with virtual learning. Keep us updated on any communication you may receive from your child’s teacher so that we will have accurate information for each child. We will need this info to download apps, times for zoom meetings, etc. Together, we will get through this!

  • REMINDERS – Please be sure that we have current and CORRECT contact information in your child’s file. It is extremely important that we be able to get in contact with you in case of emergency, sickness, etc. If you need to update your emergency contact people and/or authorized pick up people, please see Mrs. Darlene.

    Please be sure to let us know IF/WHEN your child will NOT be at Pooh Corner! This is especially true for school-age children – both virtual and after schoolers!

  • NEW RATES – I hope everyone received a copy of the new rates that will go into effect with the payment on September 4th. We managed to make it through Phase 1 and 2 with all the extra requirements, stipulations, and restrictions that were handed down to us from the Health Department and Social Services (ONLY with the help from the Small Business Association and the PPP loan did we survive that madness.) Phase 3 guidelines for child care did not ease any of our restrictions: our group sizes are still limited, our activities are still limited, our class interactions are still limited, meals times are restricted, the extra cleaning and disinfecting are still being done throughout the day and nightly, etc. The only way we can continue to function and follow the guidelines that we have been given is to have a rate increase. Rate increases are never easy and there is never a good time to implement one, but this one is absolutely necessary for the center to continue to care for your children.
  • SKIN PRODUCTS: Please be sure to send in sunscreen and/or insect repellent if you want your child to have these products applied at Pooh Corner. We must have signed permission forms for these products to be applied here. We keep these forms on the shelf at the office. These forms can give “long term” permission for applications throughout the summer but the forms MUST have the specific name of the product being used. If you decide to change the product, you must complete a new form.

A safe, fun and nurturing environment.

Pooh Corner has been caring for children for over 30 years as a state licensed center with excellent ratings and a solid reputation since our beginning.

We care for children from 4 weeks to 12 years of age — year round. All of our programs, full and part-time, are nurturing and structured, with emphasis on the appropriate educational skills at each stage of development.

Pooh Corner Child Care Center cares for children from the areas of, but not limited to, Ashland, Atlee, Hanover, Glen Allen, Elmont and areas as far as Richmond, Virginia.

We specialize in the following:

Infant Care


Teddy Bear Class


Before & After School

Summer & Back-up Care


Activities, Lessons and Field Trips and at Pooh Corner.

We are more than a childcare center. Our childcare and early education programs focus on school readiness, social and emotional development, literacy, problem solving and other critical life skills – with all the fun of being a kid mixed in!

Extracurricular Activities

Such as music and dance classes, gymnastics and movement classes, and drawing and computer classes.

We also have

Special activities at the center, such as Water Works and visits from the ice cream truck.

We offer

Weekly trips swimming, skating, bowling, visiting the library and various parks.

Group activity time

Includes arts and crafts, board games, working together in groups to complete projects, active games, and much more.

Latest News

Welcome to Pooh Corner’s latest news, events and blog section. This is where you will find helpful information throughout the year. Check back often for updates!

School Age Report

School Age Report

Our last month of summer vacation has seen a lot of hot and rainy afternoons, so we've been hitting the gym for indoor games like Four Corners, Tornado Ball, and Jump the River. Camp Fit on Tuesdays has also taught us some fun new games to play. We've done an...

Infant and Toddler Report

Infant and Toddler Report

INFANT TIDBITS We would like to welcome Dean and Torien to the Infant class. Dean is a very happy baby. He loves tummy time and playing in the exersaucer. Torien is a joy to have in the Infant room. He is adjusting very well. He loves to look out the window while he...

Preschool Report

Preschool Report

Another summer is quickly coming to a close.  It wasn’t the summer we were hoping for, but we made the best of it!  We are very excited that the ice cream truck will continue to come through September!  Let’s stretch that treat out as far as we can!  Tablet Tuesday...

A long tradition of quality care.

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